Web Quality Monitoring Toolset

PageMTR Is An All-In-One Monitoring Solution for Website Performance Testing and Technical SEO Monitoring.


Uptime Monitor

A down site is a useless site. Ensure your website is up and running so your customers can always find you.


Seo Web Crawler

Our website crawler helps you improve onsite SEO by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues.


Malware Scanner

Malware is a danger for any website. Our malware protection solution helps you find malware and viruses before they become a major issue.


JavaScript Error Monitoring

Automatically detect and track JavaScript errors on your website. Quickly identify JavaScript issues before your customers notice a drop in site performance.


Technical SEO Monitoring

Stay ahead of your competition by actively monitoring your sites SEO.


Broken Links Monitoring

No one likes a dead link. Ensure all of the links on your site are working as they should be to keep your customers happy and engaged.


CWV Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of loading speed, interactivity. Monitoring for quality of user experience.


Website Safety

Regularly checks with whom your website is exchanging user data to help you protect your customers privacy.



Working version of your website copied into the non-indexable PageMTR Cloud. Start the initial optimization with no FTP!

No more missed visits, complaints, or unhappy users

  • Frontend Monitoring
  • Broken Links Monitoring
  • Core Web Vitals Monitoring
  • Backend Monitoring
  • Recommendations

PageMTR helps you track your fixes to find what actually works

Easy to edit

Note your improving steps

Key to a more effective work with website optimiziation.

Upload files

Add notes to share with your clients

It's super helpful for keeping track of important details.

Control schedule

Corelate fixes to value changes

PageMTR brings you a suite of solutions to help you optimize faster.

Mark tasks

Speed up your work using proven fixes

Stop spending hours on the same issues, fix them quickly with PageMTR.

Monthly Pricing

Work efficiently with website optimization

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Solutions for you


For SEO Agencies

PageMTR is a place where you can keep all of your agency's clients performance reports. From here you can view the realtime analytics for each page and easily monitor it.


For Devs & SEO Experts

PageMTR is a centralized testing environment for webmasters and seo experts. One dashboard, one testing environment where seo experts/webmasters can test their sites.

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