Web Quality Monitoring Toolset

PageMTR is an all-in-one monitoring solution for a powerful
website performance testing and technical seo monitoring.

39 723 606 Millions Tests Executed

Uptime Monitoring + 365 Days Active Antivirus & Malware Scanner + SEO Crawler Included In All Plans.

No more missed visits, complaints, or unhappy users.

PageMTR is a website monitoring tool for your backend services and front-end web app. It allows you to create awareness about your web application's availability, performance, virus infections, page conditions and health status. PageMTR can help, quickly assessing more than 40 factors that can affect your website's performance and recommending changes – tailored to you – to fix problems or improve conversion.

Frontend Monitoring Broken Links Monitoring Core Web Vitals Monitoring
Backend Monitoring

You have worked hard to build your reputation, why risk it with a virus or malware attack

PageMTR is a 24/7 malware and virus scanner for your website. PageMTR automatically scans, alerts if you have malware, and has a quickly growing base of known viruses. The platform is the fastest and the most reliable around.

Trojans Detection Viruses Detection Malware Detection
All Publicly Visible Files 7-days Backup New
365 days Active Scanner

Powerful tool for webmasters, who want to be certain that internal and external links are all in good order

PageMTR is an easy-to-use link checker and broken link finder, who gives you detailed report on which links are incoming and outcoming, which are external and internal. Also PageMTR show you most linked pages by linking domains, links per page and other important stats.

H1, H2 Checks & Validation Between-Pages Connection Map Internal, External Links Detection
Duplicated Content Detection HTML Snapshots Title And Meta Tags Validation
The Most Linked Pages Report
Crawl On Demand
Crawled Pages HTML Snapshots

Key Values

SEO Agencies

PageMTR is a place where you can keep all of your agency's clients performance reports. From here you can view the realtime analytics for each page and easily monitor it. If a page ever goes down, then PageMTR will notify you through an automatic email.

DEVS & SEO Experts

PageMTR is a centralized testing environment for webmasters and seo experts. One dashboard, one testing environment where seo experts/webmasters can test their sites with the same testing values. No more problems with people using different browsers, devices and testing values.

Managers & Owners

PageMTR is a tool which shows immediately results of the bad (or good) decisions before Google will see it. PageMTR allows also to see the results of the current work so you can have an eye on your team.

Give It A Try Totally For Free!

PageMTR is a web app used for troubleshooting problematic websites and web apps. It lets you see how your website or web app performs in actual browsers and on real smartphone devices. And all of this on an interactive dashboard. I highly recommend PageMTR for those looking for a complex yet simple to use tool which helps in solving almost all problems.

Andrzej Bernat

Andrzej Bernat

PageMTR Founder