Website Safety Monitoring

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External Connections & Data Exchange Monitoring

Website Safety Monitor regularly checks with whom your website is exchanging user's data to help you protected users' privacy. PageMTR presents the gathered information in a readable raports which can be used for your IT departament to deliver the best results on the optimization of the speed and performance keeping the data privacy protected.

External Connections & Data Exchange Monitoring

External Hosts Classification

External hosts are classified as Ads, User Tracking or Malware. Website Safety Monitor by PageMTR always operates on the most updated list of all unsafe urls being present on the net.

External Hosts Classification

What Our Customers Say?

As CTO in CreativeMindsSolutions ( I was responsible for optimizing the speed and size of our site. One of the biggest challenges of the task was to find a good, reliable tool which would allow to monitor the effects of the changes I made on the overall site performance. PageMTR allowed me to save a lot of time I spent on manually measuring the performance scores and also give me a long term picture of the site performance and how it fluctuates in time. Also the alerts and recommendations the service is automatically giving are great help in identifying the performance bottlenecks.

Marcin Dudek
Chief Technical Officer at

PageMTR is really helpful when it comes to identify webperformance issues. The monitoring part which allows you to track several pages at once and during time is very interesting. The result graphics and infographics are very clear and easy to understand. If you are working to enhance the performance of your site, it is one of the best choices to use.

Oscar Lipinsky
Web Performance Engineer at

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