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Don't Let Your Webiste Be Off! Free Uptime Monitoring Service. Find When Your Server Slows Down, Compare Many Pages To Get To Know The Impact Of The Server Performance.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Knowing when your website or shop is down is a fundamental thing driving the business online. PageMTR.COM will keep you updated with the information about the current state of any website, and notify you when the website is down. The best is that you may add as many people to be notified as you need. Actually it means you can direct the notifications to a website developer, admin or other team member.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Server Timing Pages Comparison - Get To Know Pages Slowing Down The Server

A project created on PageMTR.COM can have multiple urls given. It allows you to easily indicate which page under the given website is slower than others, why it is slower, and if there are more pages behaving similarly.

Server Timing Pages Comparison

Server Connection Monitoring - Not Always Time To First Byte Is The Reason Of A Slow Website

Detailed network timing data on DNS, TCP Connection, Server Efficiency, TTFB, Transfer Time refreshed every 1-3 min. If you want to maintain a stable and high-performing network, you should optimize these factors. It also helps you to avoid penalties from major browsers and search engines.

Server Connection Monitoring

What Our Customers Say?

As CTO in CreativeMindsSolutions ( I was responsible for optimizing the speed and size of our site. One of the biggest challenges of the task was to find a good, reliable tool which would allow to monitor the effects of the changes I made on the overall site performance. PageMTR allowed me to save a lot of time I spent on manually measuring the performance scores and also give me a long term picture of the site performance and how it fluctuates in time. Also the alerts and recommendations the service is automatically giving are great help in identifying the performance bottlenecks.

Marcin Dudek
Chief Technical Officer at

PageMTR is really helpful when it comes to identify webperformance issues. The monitoring part which allows you to track several pages at once and during time is very interesting. The result graphics and infographics are very clear and easy to understand. If you are working to enhance the performance of your site, it is one of the best choices to use.

Oscar Lipinsky
Web Performance Engineer at

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