We Do Our Best To Make Any Website Faster.

PageMTR was founded in 2020 by Andrzej Bernat, a software developer focused on building scalable applications and obsessed with improving the performance of applications and websites. Before PageMTR, Andrzej worked for several SaaS companies as a performance guru in high availability environments.

PageMTR has attracted some great minds interested in making the PageMTR app and website more appealing, more reliable, and more scalable. One of those great minds is Larry Byrne, owner of Technique Web, LLC: https://www.techniqueweb.com. Not only did his company design the PageMTR logo, but his skills in web consulting and his overall knowledge of marketing and creating successful web applications from a user's perspective have been immeasurable. We teamed up with a certified AWS engineer with a strong track record and reputation in the DevOps world to make our infrastructure working at its best.

But let's get to the point. What is PageMTR at its core? A self-bootstrapped company hyper-focused on delivering tools that make serious optimization of websites and applications a reality for anyone. You have to know the problem to fix the problem. Welcome to PageMTR.

Andrzej Bernat

Andrzej Bernat

PageMTR Founder